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I'm a slow motion accident

Lost in coffee rings and fingerprints

Sakon Tachibana
8 August 1985
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. stats .

Name: Sakon Tachibana
DOB: October 31st, 1983 (This is a headcanon birthday since no official birthdate is given for Sakon in the manga or anime)
Time Taken from: Post Volume 4 Manga, Post Ep. 26 TV series, 2000 a.d.
Date of Arrival: May 10th, 2008
Current Age: 19
Possessions: Ukon, Ukon's box, his heavy coat, his father's pocket watch, his clothes as an Omo Zukai, a sewing kit, stage make-up.

. personal .

Personality: Sakon's personality is divided into two major facets; with and without Ukon.

Without Ukon, Sakon is an extremely passive person; suffering from an almost crippling shyness and severe lack of self-esteem. He has a habit of stuttering, and becomes easily flustered over trivial matters. Even though Sakon has a great deal of trouble relating and identifying with anything not made out of wood, he does have a strong sense of responsibility to others. Even if he does build a friendship with someone though, he rarely opens up. Sakon is very careful with whom he places his trust in, and even more-so about who he personally confides in.

With Ukon much of Sakon's shyness vanishes. In fact, much of Sakon in general vanishes. He becomes a stoic and passive player, allowing Ukon to take center stage. With Ukon taking up the focus of others, Sakon lets himself slip out of focus and becomes more of an observer, occasionally speaking only to bounce off of Ukon. He is slightly more straightforward with Ukon around, and he doesn't stutter, but his nature is still subdued. He does have a rather morbid sense of humour though.

Whatever personality he has, Sakon is usually a very quiet and passive individual.Sakon's speech and mannerisms are generally feminine/androgynous. This has little to do with any issues with his sexual identity and more to present himself as puppet/doll while allowing the puppets he controls to seem more human and lifelike.

Sakon has been troubled since his early childhood, when his father Nagare Tachibana committed suicide. At the age of eight, Sakon was the one to find the body. His school life did nothing but aggravate his mounting pile of issues; Sakon was the weird kid. Not the nerdy kid or some other comfortable archetype of outcast; he was a little boy who didn't like sports, played with dolls and always gave the sense that there was something just... off about him. He wasn't a bad kid, in fact he was quite well behaved. He was also a bit creepy. He always saw puppets as people.

This is not to say Sakon spent his life friendless, but none of them were people his age. He was fortunate to have a grade school teacher who was supportive of his love for puppetry, as well a mentor-figure in a wandering puppeteer who Sakon would later emulate in his teenage years.

When adulthood was upon Sakon, he decided to take a leaf out of his mentor's book and began traveling around Japan in tradition of puppeteers of times long past. Unfortunately he found himself perpetually in the middle of murder plots. Where-ever he and Ukon went, someone would get killed as inevitably as the tides, and it was up to Sakon and Ukon to solve the mystery.

Two particular incidents hit very close to home; one involving an experience in which Sakon seemed to have fallen back in time and learned not only the true origins of Ukon but also his true nature. The other involved an incident with his own family, and revealed to him the truth behind his father's suicide.

. relationships .

♥ - Can reach up to 5 hearts. 1 indicates intrigue but little interest beyond the superficial, 2 indicates some level of acquaintance, 3 indicates the blossom of friendship, 4 indicates a strong friendship, and 5 indicates a level of romantic interest.

Gabranth/Noah Ronsenburg: ♥♥♥♥ 1/2
No longer in Discedo. Noah was Sakon's friend and roommate. Sakon developed a bit of a mancrush/hero worship on the older man, though nothing came of it. Their friendship remained strong and Sakon was grateful for the company and conversation Noah provided.

Basch Fon Ronsenburg: ♥♥♥
No longer in Discedo. Because Sakon is completely incapable of minding his own business, he found himself inquisitive about Noah's brother. Sakon and Basch developed a comfortable friendship.

Edward Elric: ♥♥♥♥
Still in Discedo. Edward and Sakon became friends after a period of time while working together to investigate the occurrences of Discedo in an attempt to piece together what little scraps of information they could find. Sakon looks to Edward as someone he can trust and rely on.

Hikaru Hitachiin: ♥♥♥ 1/2
Still in Discedo. Of the Hitachiin twins, Sakon gets along best with Hikaru. While he's not quite at the point where he can confide personally in Hikaru, he still has some level of trust in him and feels a sense of responsibility for both the twins well-being.

Kaoru Hitachiin: ♥♥ 1/2
Left Discedo and Returned Without Memories. He isn't as close to Kaoru for the simple reason that what friendship had been developing was wiped clean by Kaoru's leaving and coming back without any memory of their prior interactions. He still cares for Kaoru as a friend. Also wtf is up with Sakon being friends with twins :|

Haruka: ♥♥♥ 1/2
Still in Discedo. A tengu with whom Sakon found to be easy to talk to. He likes Haruka's straightforward and honest nature; it's a pleasant respite from the perpetual facades he knows so many use.

Umi: ♥♥ 1/2
Still in Discedo. Normally Sakon has a great deal of trouble dealing with girls. Umi is no exception, but he's managed to warm up to her enough to be able to pass a pleasant conversation. He admires and envies her strength and confidence.

Nill: ♥♥♥♥
Still in Discedo. Nill is a very easy person for Sakon to be at ease around. Her sweet nature mixed with her silence puts him in mind of puppets who, to him, are people who don't talk by running their mouths. But Sakon remains complete fail (as opposed to his default state of social fail) at dealing with anyone with more than one X chromosome so any interaction he has with Nill is usually through Ukon.

Testament: ♥♥♥ 1/2
Still in Discedo. A 'Gear' Sakon has somehow found to be someone very easy to speak frankly to. It troubles him that Testament seems to harbor a lingering resentment to Japanese people and more-so wonders what could have caused it in the first place. He is glad though that Testament seems to have learned to overlook that particular prejudice in the case of Discedo's inhabitants.

Johnny Sfondi: ♥♥ 1/2
Still in Discedo. A sky pirate Sakon speaks with on a relatively frequent basis. In spite of an initial blunder in regards to Sakon's tendency to be a goddamn trap, Sakon finds Johnny to be an interesting and engaging person. Johnny's life and convictions are very different from Sakon's own, and though Sakon will never admit to himself much less anyone else, he finds Johnny's passes a little flattering.

Kusuriuri-San: ♥♥
Still in Discedo. Enigmatic and hence a cause for Sakon's curiosity, he frequently enjoys the Medicine Seller's riddles and what conversation he is willing to partake in. Ukon on the other hand is downright terrified of the MS.

♠ - Can reach up to 5 spades. 1 indicates disinterest. He'll put up with you if he has to but it's only out of politeness. 2 indicates you're aggravating or intimidating on some level. 3 indicates some level of actual contempt. 4 indicates that holy jesus Sakon's shitlist is pretty short but your name is there. 5 indicates sheer repulsion at your existence.

Remarkably no one has made it to this list yet. Actually that's not really remarkable since Sakon doesn't really develope that kind of grudge.

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