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I'm a slow motion accident [entries|friends|calendar]
Sakon Tachibana

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OOC: Port of Crossing World Info [
December 1st, 2020 | 9:23am
Aoyama, TokyoCollapse )

Message post [
April 11th, 2015 | 10:48pm
I'm sorry I'm not here right now.

Please leave your name and contact after the tone.


Actually there is no tone. Just leave your name and contact.

July 16th, 2010 | 10:46am
[ mood | Overwhelmed ]

I know a lot of people are coming into the high school right now.

Um... I've set up mats and what blankets I could find in the gym and library for those who need to rest.

There's some food. Not much, but we're right below the greenhouse so...


If there're doctors around who can help, a lot of people here need first aid. I only know some basic stuff...

[Voice Post] [
June 11th, 2010 | 8:41am
[ mood | tired ]

[Once upon a time there was a puppet master who was too caught up in his work and didn't pay attention to his communicator. This made his communicator mad and so it zapped him. So all across the network, you get to hear a nineteen year old boy scream like a nine year old girl. Getting electrocuted while taking a soak in the tub to ward off the heat is never nice. Never.

He whimpers and there's the sound of water sloshing as he emerges quickly to make sure the video function isn't on. Getting zapped in water across the network is embarrassing enough without him flashing the whole city to boot. To his relief, the comm is slightly merciful in it's backlash against its negligence and is on audio. There is a sigh of relief and the sound of Sakon sinking back into the water.

I... um... have been a little busy. It seems things have become hectic again. Just to clarify, the scientist Grendal was giving hints as to the location of the chip and was then killed, cut up, and used as part of this 'game'.

It's hard to imagine treating such a thing as a game, but we should take care. If your interested in having your chip removed, remember there are side effects, sometimes lethal, and your powers go out of control.

As for the scientists...

...just what is going on?

[Private, 50% HackableCollapse )

[Voice Post] [
May 7th, 2010 | 9:36am
[ mood | discontent ]

So much has happened over the past few days. It's good to see people have made it through relatively intact.

Moa, if at all possible, I'd like to drop by the inventory room to look at what was collected in Spero, and copy the data to the information Elric-san and I have already gathered. Also, I'd like to know just who went on the trip.

Locked to Edward ElricCollapse )

[Voice] [
April 21st, 2010 | 1:31am
Elric-san, there's something going on! Are you alright? I need to talk to you, to try to figure this ou-



[ooc: And he has just found out that his best friend has gone home. Yyyyyyup.]

April 14th, 2010 | 12:55pm
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Spring lingers in the air now, winter fading into the white of memory. I saw the first signs of life springing up from cracks in the sidewalk, and perhaps it is because I've grown so used to it that the city doesn't seem so grim.

The quiet atmosphere has been unsettling to a degree as silence often precedes some catastrophe here. But it also comes as a relief.

Life progresses as normal here. People arrive and unexpectedly depart. We become sad to see those we've grown fond of leave in spite of wishing to be happy they've made it somewhere safe and familiar.

That's the difficulty with our unique situation. Those spread across time and worlds, the deceased returned to life, we can only meet them here. It is human nature to form bonds with others, however temporary, however much we know we will inevitably have to part ways without so much as a chance to say 'goodbye'.

So for those who have arrived; welcome. Though this place is troublesome, please bear with it. You will see home again.

For those who have gone; goodbye. I hope that we can one day meet again in better circumstances.

[Video][Accidental] [
March 25th, 2010 | 2:19pm
[ mood | creative ]

[The communicator switches on when it hits the floor. It's in the high school library which is empty save for Sakon, holding the redhaired puppet Ukon. It's hard to tell what they're doing at first, but it seems they're in the middle of rehearsing a scene from the final act of The Courier from Hell, Ukon playing out Chubei's movements with expert skill from Sakon.

For anyone that understands much about Bunraku, the part of the play they're acting out generally requires more than the normal three puppeteers to control the puppet's movements and Sakon is doing it by himself. The spectacle is silent, graceful, and eerie as Ukon seems far too life-like for any puppet, and Sakon just seems to fade into the background. It's a strange mix of acting and dancing, and in some ways it's hard to tell if it's Sakon or Ukon that's guiding the other.

At last, Ukon in the role of Chubei reaches his death scene, and Sakon gradually lowers him down and the puppet's eyes close.

They remain like that for a while, still as stone, before one blue eye cracks open and the puppet frowns.

Ya bumped somethin' somewhere when I was buyin' out Umegawa's contract.

My foot slipped. I apologize.

Eh, no biggy. Not many good places we can practice.

[Sakon stands and Ukon is brushing himself off, before plucking out his kiseru and lighting it.]

It wasn't bad. You're not getting out of practice at least, but it sucks I'm the only puppet here. It'd be nice to get some others! Ahhh, a work of art like me is supposed to be on the stage.

Unfortunately there aren't many solo roles for a bunraku.

Yeah. Hey! Yer a smart guy Sakky! Write me a play. You could write it and I could act it! It'd be perfect!

Easier said than done, Ukon. A play about one person is a boring thing indeed.

Eh. Oh well. No harm in asking.

[Sakon sits down at a table, covered in notes and books and begins to comb Ukon's hair as the puppet runs his mouth. Eventually, the feed times out.]

[Text] [
March 14th, 2010 | 7:55pm
[ mood | tired ]

Work has been progressing at a slower-than-usual pace. While I got through the food shortage alive, I still constantly feel tired. It's probably a just a stubborn cold though. Still, I've managed to compile information from August of last year onward, picking up from here.

I heard about a boat being finished. When it takes off, would there be enough room for one more passenger?

Not an IC cutCollapse )

[ooc disclaimer: most of this is taken from the ooc timeline since I was on hiatus for several of the events.

[Text] [
March 2nd, 2010 | 11:12pm
[ mood | pensive ]

The air remains cold but the winter seems to have lost much of its bite. The promise of spring has shown its first signs after our winter ordeal.

All things considered it could have been worse. Though I am a little sad to see the winter fade. Where I'm from, it's a beautiful season; pristine, silent and beautiful.

Private, HackableCollapse )

Umi, I hope you have a happy birthday.

[Voice] [
February 23rd, 2010 | 2:06pm
[ mood | thoughtful ]

What with one thing and another, it seems the worst is behind us as far as the blizzard goes. We're still not entirely out of trouble, though that has always been the case.

It does seem that with the influx of people, living arrangements have become sparse. I currently reside in a two-bedroom apartment, where one bedroom is not being used. If someone is looking for a place to stay, I can comfortably house another, maybe two if I sleep in the living room in my apartment. My only criteria would be that you leave Ukon alone, and not cut my throat in my sleep. I also would appreciate someone who doesn't mind cleaning up their mess after a shower.
[He says all this in a completely deadpan voice.]

Moving on, it seems the supplies have been gradually restocked. I'm curious as to why and how the scientists seem to have lost what little contact there was. While I suspected this before, I think their actual power over us is not what we initially believed. The use of the microchips and the full extent of their purpose remains something I would like to investigate.

Until the snow depletes, I think exploring much is out of the question. I would like to make an effort to get to one of the other cities before spring rolls around. The fact remains that there are other people in this world, natives, who may be able to help us.

[Voice] [
February 19th, 2010 | 3:51pm
[ mood | contemplative ]

[Private, 50% Hackable]Collapse )

The flurries are pleasant to watch now that the commotion has died down. Discedo blanketed in white seems somehow less hostile than when it's not. I know this is not truly the case but still, it is lovely.

I feel myself eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. Perhaps this year we'll see some growth in plant life.

[Voice Post] [
February 6th, 2010 | 11:28pm
[ mood | apprehensive ]


...The lights just went out.

I w-was here working late. Is anyone else at the highschool?

I... I have a flashlight, but that's about it.

[He's quiet for a while. When he speaks again, it's barely audible and he sounds very nervous.]

The batteries are working for now.

I can come find anyone stranded here.

[Video Post] [
February 4th, 2010 | 9:46pm
[ mood | contemplative ]

[Sakon is sitting on the windowsill, all bundled up with a mug of what you can assume is tea. It's actually hot water since Sakky's rationing his supplies.]

It's really piling up out there. It's going to make hunting for supplies even more difficult, especially with the shortage.

We should be able to make it through until spring though if we're careful.

Ukon says he has a few suggestions for when supplies get low, having come from a rural town in the Meiji era.

[And cue the puppet coming onto the screen, artfully manipulated by Sakon. It's hard to tell if the thing is alive or not.]

ooc cut to save your poor friends pageCollapse )

[Voice] [
January 25th, 2010 | 4:31am
[ mood | tired ]

[There's a yawn, and the rustle of paper and the thud of a book hitting the floor. When he speaks, his voice is muffled as if he has his arm is over the comm]

D...did I fall asleep? Oh, it's on...

[Another rustle of paper and Sakon retrieves the fallen book.]

It's become dangerous again, though this time it would appear it would be monsters wearing the faces of our friends.

I'm noticing some patterns.



I should probably clean up the kitchen while I'm awake.

January 17th, 2010 | 6:13pm
[ mood | blank ]

The winter snow seems to muffle what little noise this city makes. It's become so very quiet, though watching the snow is pleasant.

Little progress has been made in regards to the investigations. It seems the more clues the city presents, only more questions come from them. I'm truly at a loss.

Locked, 50% hackableCollapse )

[Text] [
December 19th, 2009 | 2:59am
[ mood | annoyed ]

Elric-san, or anyone for that matter; I would advise against coming into the library for now.

The entire high school library is covered in mistletoe. I'll be moving some things to a less... festive area to attempt to get some work done without fear of it administering an electric shock for looking at it the wrong way.

Elric-san, there is something I would like to speak with you about.

November 30th, 2009 | 10:59pm
[ mood | ouch ]

[There's a yelp of pain, followed by several thuds, a crash, another yelp and a thud, then a pathetic whimper]

Wh... who put this here? It smells terrible... ow...

[ooc: Sakon met with one of Xellos's many traps]

[Voice Post] [
November 24th, 2009 | 3:14am
[ mood | contemplative ]

Autumn's brilliance fades to the dull gloom of winter. Each day, darkness falls earlier and earlier and the cold keeps us confined to the warmth and safety of the indoors. In these cold, long nights, it's so easy to wrap yourself in a heavy silence and withdraw from the day-to-day happenings.

It is so quiet.

Winter hangs in the air, anticipated by the citizens of Discedo, yet still dreaded as well. The turn of the seasons is uncaring to whatever plight it may bring. The cycle continues unhindered.

Sakky, there're easier ways to say; "It's been a while since I bothered with this thing, nothing's really happening."

A-Aa. Of course.

You spacin' out on me? Sheesh, if you got something on your mind, just spill it! I can't stand it when you clam up all the time.

Mmm. Sorry.

Eh if you're gonna be like that, put me back. I'll get some shut-eye at least.

[Accidental Voice Post][Japanese][Regular text = Sakon, Italics = Ukon] [
October 4th, 2009 | 11:41am
[ mood | discontent ]

[The comm clicks on to a small clatter that sounds like wood hitting the plastic device and then hitting the floor. The ensuing conversation comes in somewhat muffled.]

-summer's heat turns to autumn's chill, leafs turning from green to the red of blood. The spring's cherry blossoms have long since faded and the days grow short. Months of long nights and snow loom ahead, only to bring the relief of spring once again. Such is the change of the seasons...

...Is what I'd like to say, but Goddamn if it doesn't always look the same 'round these parts. Geez, how boring! What's a guy like me supposed to do?

I'm not entirely sure. Such expository is rather unnecessary in this place.

Sakky, I'm bored. Boreder 'n bored, I'm practically dead of boredom!

That's certainly something, considering.

Y'know what I mean. I know you've been practicin' and all but fer crying out loud, we haven't done a play in over a year!

Is that what's bothering you?

Yeah. A masterpiece like me ain't exactly made to be cooped up like this. Whassat yer writing?

A few notes. I'm stumped...

Second guessing and third guessing yourself into circles, huh?



Them's them other cities right? What about 'em?

There are others still alive in this world. I can't help but wonder if this city has forgotten that.

Maybe you should do somethin' about it?

Me? I couldn't organize an expedition. I don't know anything about fighting.

Ya see, this is why I call you useless! For someone so freakin' smart, half the time I think that noggin of yours is fulla dust 'n' cobwebs! Organizin' ain't the same as leadin'. And I betcha ain't the only one who's got questions for them survivors.


I'll think on it.

Yeah that's you, always thinkin'. I'm the only one of us who ever does anything.

[A soft laugh, and then a rustle and creak of wood as Sakon gets up and kneels to pick up his comm.] Hm... it switched on. How troublesome.

Bet them scientists are listening in. HEY YOU BASTARDS, I GOT A FEW W-

[The comm promptly clicks off before Ukon can speak his mind to the scientists.]

September 13th, 2009 | 10:01pm
[ mood | blank ]

[Private/Hackable]Collapse )

Basch... Your brother's gone back.

September 9th, 2009 | 3:44pm
[ mood | amused ]

The world shrouded in white...

Strange, it looks as though the city almost wants to erase itself. The snow and now the fog, and no one knows what secrets lie behind this curtain of mist. We get faint sounds, momentary glimpses of what can be barely considered shadows.

And something is killing the monsters.

I don't think there's a need for me to say 'be careful'.

[Voice Post][Japanese] [
August 22nd, 2009 | 11:54pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey... hey, Sakky, hold it closer. C'mon, I wanna talk into it! Gimme it!

[There's a sound as Ukon fumbles for the comm]

This thing on? Hello? The light blinkin' means it's on, right? Right! That's the 'On' switcheroo thing!

Ha! Alright y'all! Sakky got his chip out a little while back and now that he's done pukin' his guts out thought it didn't take that long last time. Damn... I got some good news for ya!

Ukon-sama is back! For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm gonna fill you in, so listen up! I'm Ukon! Masterpiece child puppet of the Meiji era created by the master himself Unosuke Koizumi and doncha all forget it!

Sakky and me, we're partners. Well, it's more like I run the show, since this useless guy can't even shake a girl's hand without road maps and diagrams. And to whoever put up those damn charms, I oughta pop you one right in the damn kisser! Geez! Tryin' to make my big comeback and some idiot's gotta cramp my style!

[It switches to video and yes, that is a red-headed puppet with very... life-life facial features waving at the comm. Sakon is slightly to the left of him, looking impartial.]

Oh yeah! Nill-chan! Niiiill-chan! How ya doing? Did ya miss me? You're okay right?

August 3rd, 2009 | 12:14pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

An early snowfall for the coming winter or one perhaps late from last year? It's hard to say, with the world enveloped in a frozen white cocoon. To some it brings a deep joy. Snow is associated with a blank slate, and winter holidays such as the new year when things can start anew. To others it brings a sense of foreboding. It signals a dramatic and sudden change in climate which may or may not be permanent.

Many wonder how they can keep warm during this incident without use of modern heating methods. If you are fortunate enough to be in possession of a fireplace, make good use of it. If not, and I know many of you who have lived here stay in the apartments which don't lend themselves well to fireplaces, I have another suggestion which I used during the winter.

You will need:

1 Futon, thick comforter or sleeping bag
1 Table, with the legs cut to about a foot in length
1 Board, about the size of the table top
1 Pot or saucepan with a lid (large enough to fit the charcoal bricks and small enough to fit under the table
charcoal bricks (heated)
1 Plate (ceramic or metal. Not plastic as it will melt)

Place the futon/blanket over the table. Be sure there is excess on the floor as this is what will keep the heat in.

Place the heated charcoal bricks in the pot, and cover with the lid. Place the pot on the ceramic or metal plate and then put the make-shift heater under the table. Make sure it isn't in a place where it is touching you or the blanket.

You now have a warm place to sleep at night. In Japan, it's called a Kotatsu and it's a very easy way for heating a small space.

[Accidental Video] [
July 30th, 2009 | 2:18am
[ mood | amused ]

[He was about to switch it on to make a regular post but one of Kusuriuri-san's scales lands oh-so-delicately on the video button. And then tilts towards the box resting beside him. He blinks as several more show up, each tilting toward the box.]

...You must be the scales the Kusuriuri lost. Shouldn't you get back to him?

[Obviously no response but Sakon's spent his whole life talking to inanimate objects, he's not about to stop now.]

Ah, you want to know what's in there? It's just my friend, Ukon. I'm busy right now, so I can't take him out. I'm sorry.

[SIIIIIIIILENCE. Sakon is bewildered and he reaches for the comm, extending his hand for the scale to rest on]

Oh, it's already on! That's good. Kusuriuri-san, I found some of your scales. They're acting a bit strange though. Should they be doing that? Anyway, I'll return them to you.

Locked to doctorsCollapse )

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